Once upon a time (in the nascent days of Internet 2 ascendant: pre-MySpace, pre-Facebook, pre-Twitter, pre-YouTube) a young man wanted a website. And so he got himself one.  And he called it Corwyn’s World.

For 7 years (which is forever in Internet time) he toiled, and tinkered, ranting and raving, spewing impotent rage about the world into a digital void of stunning indifference.  Long-ignored, the remnants of his dissatisfaction and frustration lingered , so much flotsam in the digital stream; mental detritus floating unnoticed and ignored.

And finally, one day, with the elucidated whimper not a bang, it was no more.

Until now.

(Now, of course, being, approximately, February 2017, for those keeping track)


That’s right.

Like the long-fabled phoenix of legend, Corwyn’s World is back from the ashes.  It has returned to the internet with as much aplomb and fanfare as it garnered during its tediously overstayed welcome lo those many years ago…which is to say, absolutely none.

The “The” may be gone (it’s a long story, don’t worry about it…but you’re a smart li’l nugget, you should be able to piece it together), but our ineffable host, ever a Corwyn, remains.  Certainly older, hopefully wiser, and yet just as confused as ever.

So join us (and by ‘us’ I mean me, but ‘us’ sounds so much more welcoming) won’t you, as everyone’s favorite, friendly neighborhood Corwyn does his damnedest to burden the long-struggling servers of the Internet with even more questionably pointless mental detritus, questionably relevant pop-culture pseudophilosophy…and dick jokes.

Once more into the breach, dear friends, True Believers, and Muthatruckas!

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